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  • Specialized Consulting Services in improving organizational processes and ICT under the professional support of a highly qualified team, who is certified, with skills and with the necessary knowledge to meet and target institutional and business mission.

  • Certificates in international best practices.
  • Knowledge in actual Public Policies.
  • Operational experience on innovation models that improve business efficiency and entrepreneurial effectiveness and  Institutional.
  • Integration of international standards and practices.


Services Portfolio.

1. Results-Oriented Public Administration


    2. General Administration Manuals Implementation.

  • Acquisitions
  • Material Resources and Services
  • Financial Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Public work
  • Audit
  • Internal control
  • Transparency
  • Assessment for evaluation in relation to compliance.
  • Consulting in implementing the process of administration manuals.
  • Support and advice the implementation of joint processes to institutions.
  • Implementing automation tool for the implementation of public administration
  • Consulting for continuous incremental process improvement and process control.
  • Audit processes for compliance manuals of the results-oriented management manuals.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Organizational change management.

    3. Institutional Architecture, Process Management and Business Analysis.

  • Structuring of architectural maps and its relationship with corporate strategic objectives.
  • Analysis of the processes and identification of possible improvements and linking them with corporate strategic objectives.
  • Implementation of BPM and BPMS.
  • Analysis of continuous improvement of business processes against best practices.

      4. Initiatives Bank and Institutional Projects.

  • Implementation of Office Portfolio and Project (PMBOK, OPM3)
  • Implementation of maturity models in management initiatives and projects. (OPM3)
  • General Administration Manual Implementation in technology of Information and Communication (MAAGTIC):
    • Assessment for compliance with MAAGTIC
    • Consulting implementation for the 30 processes of MAAGTIC.
    • Support and advice the implementation of the joint processes to the institutions.
    • Implementing automation tool for implementing MAAGTIC.
    • Consulting continuous incremental process improvement and process control.
    • Audit processes for compliance with MAAGTIC.
    • Quality assurance.

     5. Government ICT Security Information

  • ICT Implementation Controls (COBIT)
  • ICT Service Management (ITIL)
  • Deployment Models for Software development and acquisition (CMMI-ACQ, OpenUP)
  • Implementation of Management System Information Security (ISO 27001).
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.
  • Analysis and updating processes in your Management System of Information Security.
  • Audit processes of information security.
  • Consulting and Training Ethical Hacking, Forensics, Security Analysis and Secure Programming.